Results of Li Ning 5th MBA Inter Firm Team Doubles Badminton Championships
held from 20th to 28th June-2015

“GRAND SLAM” Winner :- MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd

“CUP” Winner :- Brandix Apparels (Pvt) Ltd “A” Team

“PLATE” Winner :- HDDES Extracts (Pvt) Ltd

“BOWL” Winner :- Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd

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The Mercantile Badminton Association is a registered association of the Sri Lanka Badminton Association.We are the hub for the sports of badminton in the mercantile sector.our current member base is over 280 now with top performing corporates in Sri Lanka

We are responsible for the administration and development of the sport of badminton within the membership.We organize tournaments of massive scale for the coorporate's, with most of the national players taking part in them. We do help with young blood players to take up the sport which in turn leading to batter players in the top level.

MBA will create, develop, co-ordinate and promote the game of badminton among players and badminton playing company's in the mercantile sector & will provide the required resources for elite players & officials to participate in organized sporting competitions at MBA, National & International level

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